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Single best

Camera angles

Been playing with my camera today – thinking I need to take some lessons on how to use it all. I took this one first, focusing on it’s little bowed head (It’s a flower on the flowering gum tree in our back yard) But then I moved and saw this! Such an amazing little flower, …

Not Everything

Amazing photos of Melbourne in lockdown

Good Morning

Have a wonderful day my family and friends.

What kind of Bird

Credit:SeriesofAdjectives via Reddit


More Bushfire Affected Area

From my “Gorgeous Gippsland” site – a drive through more bushfire area. Makes one realise the extent of the devastation, it goes on for miles! See the blog post here : More Bushfire Area

Colors of a Bushfire – East Gippsland 2020

Went for a drive today through some of the areas most affected by the recent bushfires. Our hearts go out to the many who have lost their homes and properties during this time. I have not shared any photos of your loss, but I have taken photos along the road, and I am astounded at …

Our Visitor Came Back Today

Our night visitor returned to the tree today, after being absent for a day.