Day One Lockdown Victoria

Here we go again! Please, everyone do the right thing so that 5 days does not turn in to 5 weeks!

We all know its a nuisance, and stops us from seeing loved ones, and from doing the things we enjoy, but it also means we can do our small part to prevent the spread of a killer. With the current strain of the virus, we can be infectious and be silently infecting every person we contact, without feeling unwell. In short, you may test negative in the morning, and positive in the evening, and you will not know you are infected at all, until it’s too late.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but we do all need to do the right thing! (As I’m sure my family and friends are!)

Take care everyone, we did all this before, we can do it again now.

Sending love, virtual hugs, and prayers!

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