New Restrictions

With recently announced new – or re-instated rules with regard to how many people can meet in homes, I have had to cancel my planned “Knit and Natter” session on Tuesday! So disappointed, but better to be safe than sorry! If things continue the way they are, and people continue to do the wrong thing, we will be seeing harsher restrictions again before too long.

That being said, I would rather isolate and have more restrictions in place than see the pandemic become like it has been in countries overseas. We don’t want that here!Whether you believe COVID19 to be a hoax, a determined effort by the one world government folks, or to be a real and present danger, the law is the law, and we all need to be obeying it! Not believing the virus is real, won’t make it go away, and does not excuse you from obeying the rules and restrictions set in place. They do not require your belief, just your compliance. Your failure to obey and to flaunt the restrictions, simply puts us all at risk. You have the right to choose for yourself, but you do not have the right to choose for the rest of us!

I don’t know if the virus is “real” or a fabrication of lies, and I personally don’t care, because there is nothing I can do about it either way, except obey what the Government is putting in place to keep us safe. If there is some other agenda, it makes no difference, we can’t change that anyway!

As long as the Government is not asking me to violate my faith in God, I am more than happy to comply with all requirements, and to believe that they are doing what is necessary to keep us safe.

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