Lake Tyers Water Level very high

Lake Tyers is set to break through to the sea if the water level continues to rise. Very interesting to see how much it’s come up in three days!

Long Weekend

Good to see our towns busy again this weekend, with lots of visitors coming to enjoy our special corner of the world. The Marlay Point Overnight yacht race was held this weekend, and from all accounts, was a huge success. Great to see so many boats in Paynesville today. Counted 15 boats at one point, all enjoying the fabulous conditions out there today, and the hospitality of the local folk.

Also lovely to see @Peter Medling and @Sallyanne Barclay return to the Gippsland Lakes aboard their beautiful Music Maker. Bit of a rough night for them, but a safe bar crossing yesterday at Lakes Entrance, despite the white water at the Entrance.

(Photos not mine – credit to @Mel Fredericks aboard Lonsdale Eco Cruises, Lakes Entrance)

Expertly handled bar crossing – and a safe return to the Lakes by Skipper Peter Medling!


We thank everyone who has come to visit Lakes Entrance and surrounding areas this long weekend, you have helped keep local businesses open and supported local people affected not only by the virus, but also by the bushfires. Thank you! Safe travels home to you all.

Paynesville Saturday 30th January 2021

Started off a bit dull and dreary in beautiful Paynesville today!

But we enjoyed our lunch and a short walk

This is called “The Floating Tin Shed” and is a major attraction for Paynesville. Today some cool jazz muso’s were entertaining us! Even played “Alley Cat” LOL!!

Always something to see and photograph in Gorgeous Gippsland!

Tuesday in Lakes Entrance

Funny day here in Lakes. Yesterday it was so hot, today it’s almost cold!

The town is really busy – which is great and will go a long way to helping some of the local businesses continue into the new year. The new works on the Esplanade are terrific, and that end of the town was really busy this morning, with virtually no parking in any of that section.

Lots of boats out and about enjoying our beautiful waterways. Most seem to be doing the right thing, being patient and courteous with other boaties, but of course, there are always those few who go roaring around, creating backwash that can damage the environment and other boats. Boaties need to observe the restrictions and signs as to speed, but also remember their manners when it comes to passing other vessels, particularly those moored at jetties. Remember that not everyone is an expert at the boating thing, and many need time to learn the skills needed. So relax, chill, be patient and considerate, and we’ll all have a great time on the water.

Remember to watch out for our dolphins and seals too – there are restrictions about how close you may be to our wildlife, and we take that very seriously!

To our wonderful visitors to Lakes Entrance and surrounding areas, thank you for visiting us, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the town. BUT, please remember that you are our guests, we live here and you are visiting us. You come here because of all the things we have to offer for your enjoyment, please respect our town, take home your rubbish, or dispose of it properly.

Be patient in shops that are not used to dealing with big crowds, we are doing our best to accomadate you all. Many of our local businesses are struggling and have had to put off staff, so we may not be able to serve you as quickly as the big shops in the city. Remember you are here to relax and enjoy, so do that, and everything will be fine.

Show respect and it will be shown back to you. If you have a problem with anything, approach the owner of the business with respect, and it is certain they will listen to you. Don’t go posting nasty comments on social media about “backward” towns and people, that does not help anyone, and certainly does not resolve any issues you may have encountered.

The lifestyle here is relaxed, chilled and laid back, isn’t that what you come here to enjoy?

We have all had a rough year – particularly those of us here in East Gippsland, first with the bushfires and then the virus. I have to say that we have been blessed to have been kept safe during both events, and we genuinely thank all those who worked so hard to keep us safe, and those who obeyed the rules, did the right thing, and made their contribution to everyone’s safety.

To the others … well what can I say?

We had a pleasant afternoon tea at Johnsonville today, with thanks to the staff at The Black Stump for excellent coffee again!

Johnsonville, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

It can be dangerous

It can be dangerous crossing any bar,even for experienced Skippers

The “bar” crossing at Lakes Entrance can be dangerous, even for experienced Skippers! One of our favourite vessels ran aground yesterday attempting to come through, and can still be seen stranded on the sand just outside the Entrance.

Live webcam footage is here – Flagstaff Live Video Feed.

The Video cams have recently been updated, and provide high quality live pictures of the Entrance during daylight hours.

A second cam higher up at Jemmy’s also provides an excellent view, though the stranded vessel cannot be seen from this cam.

Jemmy’s Point Live Cam

Walking and Coffee on Wednesday May 1st

Walking Group this week will meet at Lakes Entrance Bowls Club at 1:20 to begin our walk at 1:30. Where and how far we walk will depend on the weather, and the group inclination. If you are intending to join us, please be at the Club at 1:20, and if you could wear your name badge that would be great!

If you would like more information about our Walking Groups, please visit “Walking With Friends East Gippsland

Coffee club this week will be on Wednesday at the Bowls Club from 2:30. Name badges here are great also please.

Information about our Coffee Club is available on our Facebook Group “Lakes Entrance Coffee Club”

Contact me via the contact page here on the site, or FB message.

International Women’s Day Luncheon – Walking With Friends, Lakes Entrance

Our International Women’s Day luncheon was a success!!  As often happens, some will say they are coming, and don’t, and some will not say anything and will come, so it’s really great that the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club is so accommodating when we throw these kind of functions there.  A big thank you to all the staff who served us promptly, and with a smile, it is always a pleasure to be in your venue.


Always nice to put on our nice clothes and have a meal together, and enjoy the “women’s talk” around the table.


If you are interested in joining our Walking With Friends group – we are in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia and we meet every Wednesday for a walk followed by coffee at one of our lovely venues in town.  We also have walking groups in other local towns.

All the information can be found on our website Walking With Friends – East Gippsland


International Women’s Day Luncheon

International Women’s Day Luncheon in Lakes Entrance

“Walking With Friends” Lakes Entrance, will be hosting a luncheon for International Women’s Day on Friday March 8th in Lakes Entrance.

If you would like to join us please send a text message to 0412-551-317 and we will send you details of the Luncheon.  Or leave your details as a comment here and we will contact you.


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