Cape conran

Went for a drive yesterday. Lunch in Orbost at our favourite “Chooky’s” – their egg and bacon rolls are fabulous and make a very satisfying lunch!

Wintery Orbost

We left Orbost and drove around to Cape Conran. We had not been in this area since the fires, and it is heartbreaking to see the damage. Fire must have literally roared through here, over the sanddunes and right to the waters edge, destroying everything in it’s path. All the infastructure is gone, toilet blocks and picnic areas. Some has been replaced, but the blackened, dead trees stand mute and still, a stark reminder of the power of fire.

Road signs still not replaced at Cape Conran.

The scale of the fires here must have been enormous! Right down to the waters edge the trees and undergrowth are devastated. It looks to me like many of the trees are dead, completely burnt out and not likely to regenerate. I hope this is not the case. It is so sad to see so much of the area gone, I didn’t even take any more photos, I felt too sad. We love our East Gippsland areas of natural and wild beauty, and we stand in awe of the power of fire, way beyond our control. It is my hope that this entire area will recover, and become green again. It will take some time I’m sure and perhaps some help from us to plant new trees, shrubs and grasses.

More Bushfire Affected Area

From my “Gorgeous Gippsland” site – a drive through more bushfire area. Makes one realise the extent of the devastation, it goes on for miles!

See the blog post here : More Bushfire Area

Colors of a Bushfire – East Gippsland 2020

Went for a drive today through some of the areas most affected by the recent bushfires. Our hearts go out to the many who have lost their homes and properties during this time. I have not shared any photos of your loss, but I have taken photos along the road, and I am astounded at how quickly the bushland begins to regenerate and renew itself. The vivid green of new growth is the thing that strikes you most, as you look through the blackened forest. Does new growth signal new hope, that a solution to the bushfire problem can be found?

I hope that as you look through my photos (we could not stop along the way, so most are taken from the moving car) you are reminded that life is precious – not only human life, but all life. The trees that were devastated by fire, have almost immediately begun to sprout new leaves, the tiny tree ferns have poked their heads through the blackened earth, and are the most vivid green of all. Nature it seems, is quick to move on, to repair, to rebuild, to renew, and that which cannot be renewed, lies on the forest floor to provide habitat for surviving creatures, and to eventually break down to provide for new plants and new growth.

To any who have lost everything in the fires – I pray you will find the inner strength to rebuild, renew, repair, and discard that which cannot be renewed, and to move forward with hope in your hearts, that no matter how bad things seem now, life has a way of making even bad things come out good, in time. If you have faith in a living God, I pray you find solace, comfort and joy at His Throne, as you work to repair that which nature has taken.

Please follow this link to see all the photos: Colours of A Bushfire Album

The Scale of the Fires in East Gippsland

For my friends who are not familiar with Australia, this map shows the extent of the fires in East Gippsland. The blue arrow shows where we are, and that we are for the moment safe, barring any major weather changes. Other areas have not benefited from the changed weather conditions and Evacuation orders are in place for many high country towns. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they make choices to flee or stay.

Black lines show where the fire has already burnt and the little black and white icons where fires are still burning today.

The icons explained:

I believe you would be able to monitor conditions via this link (if it is available outside AU) Vic Emergency Site

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and messages!

Bush Fire Smoke near us today

Bushfires remain out of control in East Gippsland, but we are not in immediate danger here, however we are maintaining a watch via the web and apps just to be sure there are no dramatic changes that may impact us.

The blue circle are the two fires that are closest to us that are not yet under control. Smaller spot fires are being reported around that same area but are being contained.

Blue X is about where we are, so as you see the fire is there, but still quite a distance from us.

Some of the photos we have taken today, as the smoke spread overhead can be seen in the album “Bushfire Smoke”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women fighting the fires, support staff, Emergency Services and their families, as well as people affected by the fire.

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