Orbost, Sailors Grave, Cape Conran

Had a lovely drive today (to check that the Territory is running well after being at the car “doctor” yesterday). We went to Orbost first, got some lunch from the bakery there, though we were a little disappointed as the food was not as fresh and nice as we usually get from there. But, they are new owners now, so maybe will take them a while to get things right. Just didn’t expect stale sandwiches at 12:30!

Anyway, moving on, we got our meat from the local supermarket which we do regularly because their local meat is so much nicer than what we get from the supermarkets here in Lakes! And the Foodworks store is lovely and fresh and clean and staff are pleasant and friendly, so it’s a very pleasant experience to shop there.

We had lunch in the park, which is always nice. They keep the park at Orbost in really good condition, lawms mown and everything keep neat and tidy, so nice to sit and enjoy for a while.

It was really hot while we were driving, so we stopped at Cabbage Tree to get some cold drinks. Lovely little store there and wonderfully cool inside! Very pleasant atmosphere in the store, and friendly staff and customers.

We had wanted to see the new boat ramp at Cape Conran, so we drove up to there, stopping first at Sailors Grave, which was surprisingly busy! Don’t think we have ever seen so many people on the beach there. But again, the facilities and general area, are well maintained, clean, neat and tidy, so it’s worth a visit if you are up this way. The Toilets there were surprisingly clean and supplied. I had expected a drop toilet, but it was a fully functional system and amazingly clean. Even had fresh handwash liquid and paper towels!

The new boatramp is much improved over what was there previously, and we enjoyed exploring the beach and rocks in the immediate area. Was so nice to see families enjoying the beach and the water, swimming and paddling with their children. Everyone friendly and relaxed.

Went back via Marlo. Sat by the boat ramp and watched the children playing in the water while Mum looked on. So good to hear their chatter and laughter! That was until some teens showed up with their “tinnies” and basically everyone had to get out of the water for fear of being run over by their reckless disregard for anyone else using the area. Stupid risk taking, roaring around showing off to their friends. The Mother with the children gave up, and packed the children up and left. Such idiotic behaviour and so unecessary. The children were having a lovely time running and jumping and splashing in the water! Then as soon as the children left, so did the young ones in their boats! So having ruined the day for the younger children, they were off to create havoc elsewhere. Disappointing really.

However, despite the thoughtless actions of others, we did have a lovely day!

I burnt my thumb while cooking last night, so only a little bit of knitting done while we travelled. Usually I would knit the entire time, but being a bit hot and my thumb being a bit tender, I didn’t do as much as I normally would have.

New ramp at Cape Conran. Much longer than the previous one. We still think it’s not a place we would be launching Henrietta Charlotte from! Too many rocks!

Cape Conran is a very pretty spot. Lots of rocks to explore and a nice little beach by the ramp. There were a few people Scuba Diving off the beach.

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