Another True Story

We decided that lunch in Paynesville seemed like a nice idea, we enjoy Paynesville there is always something happening on the water, and it’s a great place for a relaxing walk.

We usually go to a particular place, which I won’t name for fear of embarrassing them, because we know the fish is always well cooked and fresh, and they seem to be one of the few places that can get a “serve for 2” just right. And the coffee is always the best!

So into the shop we go, speak to the lovely lady behind the counter and she takes our order. She tells us it will be about 15 minutes, so we say we’ll go for a walk and come back. As we approach the door to leave, I overhear the same lovely lady say to someone else behind the counter “That’s for the older man and the girl in the long skirt”

Since we were the only two in the shop fitting that description, guessing she was talking about us! “Older man” and “girl” – I like that lady!!

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on

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