A day in the garden

Is it still correct to say “tip” or should it be something like Waste Disposal site?   I don’t know, anyway, we had spent the day in the garden, trimming back bushes, lopping off dead branches and sweeping up leaves, leaving us with a lovely trailer load of green waste to be taken to the tip (waste recycle center?)

Having finished loading it all, we looked at the time and realised we did not have much time to get there before the tip closed. So we jumped in the car and took off!

We arrived in time at the tip, and after speaking with the attendant (who generally waves us through as he sees us so often!) we proceeded to the instructed area and backed the trailer up.

As we were finishing up, I jumped up into the trailer and started sweeping the last of the twigs and dirt out with the broom. 

To set the scene,  because we had been in the garden all day, I was wearing leggings and big T-Shirt over that, hair all messy as I had forgotten to tie it back before we started, and had quickly exchanged my work boots for thongs before we left home.

So there I am, sweeping out the trailer, and I observe another vehicle coming towards us, obviously intending to back in beside us.  I jumped down out of the trailer and walked towards the car.  As I got in the car, the “gentleman” in the approaching vehicle attracted my attention, and when I engaged with him, he said

“I was just watching you and thinking now there’s a tough old tart in her bare feet”  (the thongs are flesh colored and I have since seen that they do in fact, from a distance, look like you have no shoes on)

I got such a shock!  But could not be offended as he was smiling and laughing when he realised I did in fact, have shoes on!

“Well, thanks I think”  I said!  Not sure whether to laugh or cry!  

Did I look a) old? Or b)like a tart?

Upon reflection I did think he was probably right!  I did look like a tough old tart!  My long grey hair not helping with the vision, blown all over the place by the wind!

So, dear man, if you are reading this, you know who you are – and you did take a big risk by saying what you did!  I might well have been very offended!  However, you conveyed your thoughts in such a funny and light hearted way, it would have been childish to be offended. Perhaps it was, in it’s own way, a compliment!  At least, that’s the way I choose to take it.

We drove away laughing – and the sentence has found it’s way into family history – to be trotted out on numerous occasions for ever after! And unlike some of my other stories, this one is all true!

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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