Kitchen Gadgets

So, as those of you who know me well, I’m not a cook. I don’t like cooking particularly, but I am fond of the “gadgets” that can make the task easier. Enter subject #1

Now maybe I am slow, but for weeks I could not get how this gadget was supposed to work! I would go to the marvelous YouTube and locate an instructional video, watch it carefully, and go “Oh yes, I see” and open whatever can I was endeavoring to open without spilling all over myself!

Come the next time I wanted to use this same gadget, I would fuss and fret over it, and eventually in sheer frustration that I could not get how to use it yet again, I would go back to YouTube and watch again. As soon as I saw it, “Ah Yes, I remember now” and away I would go again.

Rinse and repeat many times!

Today, a breakthrough!! I got the gadget out of the drawer, opened the can, and I didn’t have to check how to use it!

Perseverance pays off it would seem!

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Enter Subject #2

The Beetroot Container

Now, everyone knows that Beetroot will spill! It does not matter how careful you are, or how much you take care NOT to spill it, it will spill. It’s just a fact of nature!

Well this marvelous little device SHOULD solve the problem! Alas, my “expertise” comes into play yet again.

I had, as you see, placed it carefully in the sink (so that if nature should strike I was well prepared) and upended the can (opened with Subject #1 with enormous success!) into the container. All good!! Feeling very pleased with myself that I had accomplished this feat of endurance, and confident that now the beetroot was safely contained, all was well.


With all the confidence in the world, I grabbed the handle and lifted the now full container out of the sink!


Beetroot in all directions! The handle is apparently NOT for lifting the entire container (as you can see from the picture) it is so you can raise the beetroot and take some out! Now, for those of us who have this continued love/hate relationship with beetroot, you KNOW that beetroot juice will spread faster than a mouse plague, and will get itself into every little nook and cranny within a country mile of the spill. You will be finding it for months to come, even though you clean up the mess immediately. You WILL find tiny splashes of beetroot juice in the most extraordinary places! And I speak from multiple experiences in this regard!

So the conclusion? Gadgets are great, but won’t necessarily make your job any easier!

Stay with me for more adventures in my kitchen!

Author: Wendy Rooke

Living and loving in beautiful Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Sharing all things that interest me - photography, knitting, quotes and inspirational content.

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