My Frustrations, the god of sport and the virus

So, here we are again in lockdown, a place we would not be in if 2 football games, and a pub hosting a broadcast of soccer, had NOT been allowed to happen!

Up until now I have supported what the Government has been doing, but I just cannot see the reason or the logic that said football games with huge crowds and a pub with people all crowded together, was not a monumental, stupendously incredible risk! And that allowed all those people to attend 2 games, NOT WEARING MASKS! It is beyond my understanding, that the Government KNEW the risk, but allowed those three events to go ahead, and now continue to stand before us telling us they are doing everything to protect Victorians from the virus! Are they seriously expecting us to believe that? Do they seriously expect everyone to feel like they are playing their part to stop the spread of the virus, obeying all the rules, wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and yet seeing the great god of sport overriding all our efforts in one single day!

I realise that I am just one more voice in the clamour of rhetoric surrounding the virus, and the rights and wrongs of the Government response, and more eloquent writers than I have espoused their views, but is it not just plain ordinary common sense, based upon what we do actually know about the virus, and in particular this current strain, how fast it is spread, for everyone to stay home! No football games, no pub gatherings, no sporting events AT ALL! Is the god of sport so capricious and demanding that all our lives must be sacrificed upon its altar?

I have no envy for those who must make decisions with respect to our response to the spread of the virus. No envy that they must make unpopular decisions. And they will make mistakes. They are human, they will make wrong choices, but allowing those crowds to gather in an environment they KNEW posed a significant risk, was not a mistake. I can only surmise as to the reason that decision was arrived at, but it seems to me big money must have been the reason. Only money or power would provoke such a monumentally stupid decision! There is, to me, no other explanation that seems feasible! And I won’t even remark upon the equally monumental insanity of the people who attended the events!

So, from a country woman, so glad and blessed in live in an area so far not invaded by the virus, please, all you people making your decisions that affect us all, search your own hearts, minds and souls, and do the right thing. Look in your mirror each morning, look into your own eyes, can you honestly say you are making decisions with honesty and personal integrity, or from greed and selfish ambition. No one, except God knows your heart as well as you do. No one except God, sees or knows your inner intentions, as you do. Are they honourable? In the best interest of us all? Or for personal gain?

We the public will probably never know from where you arrive at the decisions you make that affect us all, both now and long into the future, but you will know! When you are old, and you contemplate your life, will you be proud of what you did, or ashamed and humiliated? God knows and sees deep into your heart. Whether you believe in Him or not, He knows you, your heart and your innermost thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Please make the right decisions, not based on personal gain, or bowing to the pressure of certain groups or parties. We, the citizens of Victoria, will support your efforts if only we can believe that you really are making the right decisions to keep us all safe from the virus.

Right now, we are doubting that!

Author: Wendy Rooke

Living and loving in beautiful Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Sharing all things that interest me - photography, knitting, quotes and inspirational content.

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