Memories and Fun

Until you grow older, and then you realise that all the fun times, and the not so fun times, were making memories to last a lifetime.

Things come and go. Possessions are lost, broken, destroyed, but memories are in our hearts forever whether dimly recalled, or vivid and alive as yesterday.

And in the end, we will all be but a memory in someone’s mind and heart. Let us strive to make that memory a worthy one!

Let that memory, though painful for a season, at last be recalled with a smile and the warmth of our love remembered, and held dear by those we leave behind. We leave nothing behind but the memories of love, of times shared, fun, laughter, as well as tears. For all those moments, brief and passing, that in the end, recalled through the mist of tears, then later with the pain of loss less sharp, with a smile and a single tear, form the memory of those gone on.

The teaching, the guidance, the wisdom passed from one to another, poignantly recalled in times of need. The whisper of a poem oft quoted, the refrain of a song, by a well loved voice now still. A photo, beginning to fade with time, but recalled as if just yesterday. A scent of roses freshly cut, bringing with it a rush of memories, tears unbidden on burning cheeks.

While memories still cause tears, no matter how long the time, what abides is the wonderful, deep, assurance of love. The blessed hope of heaven. Love holds near, even as death takes us apart.

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