The Saga of the Hairy Spider (Part 2)

You knew there would be, didn’t you?

And sure enough there is! Those who know our home know that there is a fairly low verandah around the whole house, this of course is a haven for all kinds of creepy, crawlies, including those nasty black spiders that tend to love hanging out in your washing. (My clothes line is under the verandah)

As many do, I spray regularly with all manner of deadly insecticides hoping that whatever crawlies might be lurking, unseen, in the many places amongst the beam, will if not die, at least relocate! This is an ongoing, regular routine.

So, there I am, spray can in hand, walking backwards, spraying along each beam and into any cracks and crevices as I see them, especially if there are webs around. Why backwards? Well if you’ve ever sprayed a spider above your head, you know that once sprayed the first thing a spider will do is jump right at you! Now from above you, that’s especially scary as they come zooming at you from a great height! So, always walk backwards when spraying above your head!

I had not really found many spiders, as it’s a cooler day. It is always better to do this spraying on a hot day when the spiders come out from their hiding places when the roof gets too hot. Right up in the corner, above the gate, I spied a web with a big black spider sitting right there, so I aimed my trusty spray can and fired! There was movement! What on earth was that?! It leapt with such force, and was so big, it’s legs hitting the tin roof made a sound similar to what a small mammal might have made. THE BIGGEST SPIDER I have ever seen in my entire life! (And coming from a Swan Hill girl, that has to be HUGE!) It must have been hiding along the side of the beam near the other spider’s web, and some of the spray must have landed on it. It leapt up and vanished in a second, so I have no idea whether it got enough spray to kill, or just to make it very upset and angry! I have, several times since, crept out warily, to see if I can ascertain what it’s fate may have been, but to no avail. Now, give the close proximity this verandah has to my bedroom, it is totally understandable that I have now drenched my entire room in surface spray, AND I have peppermint in my diffuser, full strength (I was told spiders don’t like the smell of peppermint, not sure it’s true, but I’ll try anything once!)

I am starting to think that the more spiders I kill, the bigger ones come back for revenge, in fright if not actual threat!

The ants, of course, continue their assault on the house. A veritable army again marching up the wall at the front of the house, right from ground level up to roof level, and presumably trying to nest in the roof of the house. More insecticide required!

I don’t want to say “keep watching for the continued saga” but we both know there will be anyway!

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Day One Lockdown Victoria

Here we go again! Please, everyone do the right thing so that 5 days does not turn in to 5 weeks!

We all know its a nuisance, and stops us from seeing loved ones, and from doing the things we enjoy, but it also means we can do our small part to prevent the spread of a killer. With the current strain of the virus, we can be infectious and be silently infecting every person we contact, without feeling unwell. In short, you may test negative in the morning, and positive in the evening, and you will not know you are infected at all, until it’s too late.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but we do all need to do the right thing! (As I’m sure my family and friends are!)

Take care everyone, we did all this before, we can do it again now.

Sending love, virtual hugs, and prayers!

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