Thursday February 25th 2021 – Thoughts

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As our son’s 42nd birthday approaches, it seems only a few days ago that he was born! He is our youngest and it seems very strange to me that he could possibly be that age now! I remember a little blonde child, all dimples and curls and sparkling eyes running towards me with some new “treasure” to share! A “pider” perhaps, (spider) or any number of small creatures his curious mind discovered! Where did the intervening years go? Forty of them! Now he is a man, living in Queensland, driving a truck, the father of three! My Dad would have loved that idea. The driving, not so much the living in Queensland! As a truckie himself, he would have got such a kick out of seeing his grandson behind the wheel of a “big rig”. And perhaps more so, since Steve now sees some of the country my Father was in during the war years.

Perhaps as one gets older, the time seems to fly by so much faster than when one was a child. If our parents said “It will be a year” that seemed like eternity, even “tomorrow” seemed a long way off. But now, days are slower in respect of no longer working, and being able to spend the day doing pretty much whatever one wants, but in other ways, the time is flying by! I am reminded of the movie “Ground Hog Day” where the main character wakes up every day to the same scenario. I feel a little like that as the morning routine unfolds! I am not complaining, for one must grow old with grace, poise and charm – well that’s the theory at least! I hope that I am ageing with grace anyway, with the help, support and love of the friends I have made. We may be old, but I am pretty sure you could not say we are boring, as many a patron of the local Bowls Club could attest! We are loud, we laugh alot, but we are not vulgar, rude or crass, we simply enjoy being together. Who knows how much longer any of us have on this earth, time to enjoy the moment and the company of loved ones and friends, tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Don’t keep your best china cups for a special occasion, use them and make the occasion special!

I hope you have had a blessed day, shared with family and friends, and at the end of the day, as you lay yourself down to sleep, you can say “It was a good day”

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