Month: January 2020

Sunday 10:00 am

It’s raining lightly here now. We’ve packed up and going home, believing the worst of it is over for us. We will of course, continue to monitor the situation, and be ready to leave again if necessary. We have felt welcomed and safe here at the park.

3:00 pm Update

Cool change and wind change has come through Lakes, lowering the temperature dramatically, and pushing the fires away from Lakes towards the NSW border. We will stay here in the park tonight, and reassess the situation tomorrow to see about returning home. Leigh and Cherie say we can stay as long as we need to,

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We have once again evacuated ahead of a predicted horrible day tomorrow. The peak danger period is about between 7am and 11am, at this stage. We are safe and sound in a cabin at Lakes. The town is VERY quiet, mostly those like us staying, and others still hoping to get out tonight. Most shops

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