Walking With Friends – Lakes Entrance

The Walking With Friends group will NOT be walking this Wednesday, due to the smoky environment, but we will meet for coffee at the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club at 2:00 (please note the later time!)

Anyone from the Talking With Friends Group who would like to join us would be very welcome!

Ladies from the Knit N Crochet Group are also very welcome to join us!

Name Badges Please!!

The Scale of the Fires in East Gippsland

For my friends who are not familiar with Australia, this map shows the extent of the fires in East Gippsland. The blue arrow shows where we are, and that we are for the moment safe, barring any major weather changes. Other areas have not benefited from the changed weather conditions and Evacuation orders are in place for many high country towns. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they make choices to flee or stay.

Black lines show where the fire has already burnt and the little black and white icons where fires are still burning today.

The icons explained:

I believe you would be able to monitor conditions via this link (if it is available outside AU) Vic Emergency Site

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and messages!

Little Trauma Teddy/Update

I finished knitting her (this time) and she is the perfect size! Thanks to everyone for your help! She will go in our donation parcel to the experts to put together.

Not sure I enjoy making these, but I’ll persist.

We are all good here, looks like the weather has not been as bad as predicted and while it is very smoky, and quite hot and unpleasant outside, there is no immediate threat to us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those still being affected by the fires.

Thank you to friends and family for your thoughts, prayers, and messages/calls, so appreciated.♥️


Once again we are receiving via our mobile phones and our landline, warnings to leave the area. It is quite scary to listen to a mechanical voice telling you to leave your home! We don’t feel that we are in immediate danger – watching and monitoring on the Vic Emergency App, there are no fires in our immediate area, so unless the wind changes and the weather changes dramatically, we do not feel at risk.

That being said, we are preparing ready to go if we have to. We will again go to Lakes Entrance, initially just wait in the town, but if it looks like it’s going to get really bad, we will go around to Echo Beach Tourist Park where they have said we can return and stay as long as we need to. Given the current conditions, there does not appear to be any immediate threat to us. Tomorrow may be a different story!

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