Knitting a Trauma Teddy Turned into a Trauma!

So, inspired by our meeting today and armed with my yarn, needles and pattern, I settled down to create the best ever trauma teddy! I carefully read the pattern and all the instructions, looked at pictures online to get an idea of “dressing” my teddy and finally began the work.

All evening I worked on it, very pleased with how it was turning out, and imagining all the wonderful teddies I was going to create after this one, thinking about children in trauma hugging them tight and being comforted.

Imagine my distress upon completion of the first side of my teddy, I carefully count my rows, yes, all correct, I have the required amount of rows from feet to top of head. HOWEVER, my teddy is 3 inches too big! I am SO upset!

I used the smallest size needles listed in the instructions, and I have the correct number of stitches and rows, yet I am 3 inches out! I don’t HAVE any needles smaller than 3:00mm!

Disheartened, I pack it all up and put it away. Down to Karen tomorrow for some advice and smaller needles! Such a shame, a pretty pink and purple teddy who is way too tall!

I’m going to bed now!

By Wendy Rooke

Living and loving in beautiful Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Sharing all things that interest me - photography, knitting, quotes and inspirational content.

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