Once again we are receiving via our mobile phones and our landline, warnings to leave the area. It is quite scary to listen to a mechanical voice telling you to leave your home! We don’t feel that we are in immediate danger – watching and monitoring on the Vic Emergency App, there are no fires in our immediate area, so unless the wind changes and the weather changes dramatically, we do not feel at risk.

That being said, we are preparing ready to go if we have to. We will again go to Lakes Entrance, initially just wait in the town, but if it looks like it’s going to get really bad, we will go around to Echo Beach Tourist Park where they have said we can return and stay as long as we need to. Given the current conditions, there does not appear to be any immediate threat to us. Tomorrow may be a different story!

Author: Wendy Rooke

Living and loving in beautiful Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Sharing all things that interest me - photography, knitting, quotes and inspirational content.

4 thoughts on “Again!”

  1. Stay safe Wendy, we are thinking of you all & pray that you will be ok & that goes for everyone having to go through this. ❤💙💜🙏🙏🧡


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