Tuesday 7th January

We feel like we are “on hold”, and I am finding it hard to settle to any one thing as a result. The fires are not near us, by standards, and are not at this time posing a threat, however, VicEmergency continues to warn us to stay vigilant and monitor conditions “because the situation could change quickly” I understand that they are being cautious, and I am grateful they are doing so, I just find it unnerving!

The smoke cleared somewhat overnight, and has been more of a haze today than a dense thick cloud that it has been the last couple of days. That being said, it is still thick enough to obscure the helos coming and going along the coast.

They are staying very low and eventually disappear below the tree line!
Must be terrifying to be onboard!

I don’t feel that I have achieved very much for the day really – but I suppose that’s alright too.

Thank you to all our family and friends, who continue to stay in touch!

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