Monday Afternoon Update

Well the smoke continues to blanket us, and the rain continues to fall, although quite light, it is providing some relief, and some time for the Emergency Services people to do some much needed protective and preventative work.

We’ve been out and about taking some photos and videos in our area.

Leaving our place in Lake Bunga

Up the hill on the way into town

Looking down into town, Normally from here you would be able to see the ocean, and the town

Top end of the Esplanade. Surprisingly, there are a few people around. We think people are returning today. However, usually at this time of year, you would not be able to move for people!

Fire Trucks line the streets. Seems these crews were here for some food and rest. We say a huge thank you to ALL our emergency services people who have worked so hard to protect us all. There are so many “unsung heroes” who are just going about helping without making a big fuss about what they are doing. Thank you does not seem enough!

Boats shrouded in smoke along the Esplanade

I thought these were Emergency Service men doing something to the bridge, but I can see now they are fishermen!

Police Boat, Lakes Entrance January 6 2020

From the bridge heading out of town

The Entrance is out there somewhere!

Bancroft Bay, Metung


Shaving Point

Home again

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