3:00 pm Update

Cool change and wind change has come through Lakes, lowering the temperature dramatically, and pushing the fires away from Lakes towards the NSW border. We will stay here in the park tonight, and reassess the situation tomorrow to see about returning home. Leigh and Cherie say we can stay as long as we need to, so it’s nice to feel we can stay here safe, with our cat, until we feel comfortable going home.

We have been watching vehicles coming into the park with donated supplies for anyone displaced by the fires. Cherie came and knocked at our door inviting us to come and take anything we wanted. I went over, took 2 oranges, because we really don’t need anything, and many others have nothing at all.

Makes me very proud of our little town to see everyone looking out for each other. So many people have opened their homes, yards, caravans, holiday homes, and paddocks to anyone in need. Lots of smiles from strangers and even hugs as people share their stories.

So as of now, the danger seems to be passed for us, and our immediate area, though there are still spot fires happening at Nicho and Johnsonville, and one just now at Sarsfield.

More as things evolve. I must be feeling better I’ve been knitting!

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