International Women’s Day Luncheon – Walking With Friends, Lakes Entrance

Our International Women’s Day luncheon was a success!!  As often happens, some will say they are coming, and don’t, and some will not say anything and will come, so it’s really great that the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club is so accommodating when we throw these kind of functions there.  A big thank you to all the staff who served us promptly, and with a smile, it is always a pleasure to be in your venue.


Always nice to put on our nice clothes and have a meal together, and enjoy the “women’s talk” around the table.


If you are interested in joining our Walking With Friends group – we are in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia and we meet every Wednesday for a walk followed by coffee at one of our lovely venues in town.  We also have walking groups in other local towns.

All the information can be found on our website Walking With Friends – East Gippsland


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