To Think About

A Few Punny One-liners Dogs can't operate MRI scanners, but catscan.Our mountains aren't just funny, they're hill areas.Turning Vegan would be a missed steak.Well, to be Frank I'd have to change my name.Ban Shredded Cheese. Make America Grate again.Electricians have to strip to make ends meet.For chemists, alcohol is not a problem, it's a solution.I'm… Continue reading To Think About

More Miss Jinxy

This morning as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, my new best friend, Mr Kingparrot arrived in search of his treat. Miss Jinxy was lying in the sun on the veranda, which I didn't realise until I heard her! Turn up your sound! 🙂 She warns the Parrot that she is there!… Continue reading More Miss Jinxy